How does a homoeopath treat chickenpox?

June 28, 2013

Chickenpox can be a daunting illness at times, but its amazing what you can do to make your child’s time with chickenpox more comfortable, boost their immunity naturally and help to manage the itching.

I am a Homoeopath and mum, and waited until my son was almost 6 until he got chickenpox. So how did I treat my own son homoeopathically?

Signs and symptoms

At first he was just tired and listless after school one day, and by the evening he had developed a mild fever.  He had gone off food and was thirsty, and wanted to go to bed early, which is always a sign he is under the weather!  I treated him with Belladonna at 200c potency, this helps to manage the fever that was not severe, but because it was sudden this was the indicated remedy and potency.

When he came in to my room in the morning, he had one glorious blister on his neck, and nothing else, except within half an hour he had a couple more, and so out they popped on a regular basis for several days.

What I did

From day two as he no longer had fever I so I didn’t give him any Belladonna, but the itching started to bother him and so I put a plan together which included only natural treatment to: reduce itching, calm the irritation, help him sleep, boost his immune system and detoxify the body.  All of this combination worked wonderfully well, without any need for sprays from the chemist.

Chamomilla 30c helped him in the afternoons and evenings with sleeping, and he did have a doze during the day at the beginning so would give him one pillule then.  Sulphur at 200c potency helped with the itching and as I also had this in liquid form, would put a drop in his bathwater.  Rhus Tox is another classic remedy for itching, to relieve and calm and I gave him this up to 6x a day.

Aloe vera gel helped to cool the skin. We always keep a tube of this at home as it also great for burns or scalds.  And I also used our cafetiere to make tea out of chamomile flowers and leaves, and poured this strong tea into his bath water, together with a cup of apple cider vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.  This helped to soothe the skin significantly.

I added tea tree oil into the bath water at times, or at other times dabbed with a clean cloth on the spots to keep his skin clean to reduce risk of infection from scratching, this I mixed with a little water.


To help with his immune system and to detoxify I gave him regular juices from the juicer of carrot juice which he has anyway daily, and also encouraged him to eat lots of apples, and increased his water intake also to help flush out the toxins.  Finally for my little man I give him vitamin c supplement for children, one tablet a day usually an elephant or a rhino.

He had plenty of rest, lots of sleep and very little itching, I cut his fingernails to help reduce the risk of infection and he got very creative at home at this time, we did a lot of making things and were able to be out in the garden a fair bit.  He was somewhat reluctant to return to school which shows what a good time he had at home!

My Top 12 tips:

  1. Belladonna 200c for temperature, given once every 30 minutes if bad for up to 2 hours to reduce fever
  2. Chamomilla 30c for helping with sleep and calming one pillule each time, 3x a day
  3. Sulphur 200c, when itchy, up to 3 x a day one pillule
  4. Rhus tox 30c for itching up to one pillule each time, 6x a day
  5. Aloe Vera Gel for putting on spots to cool them down
  6. A daily bath of a) half a cup of apple cider vinegar b) bicarbonate of soda hand scoopful and c) strong chamomile tea water all in the bath together will soothe the skin
  7. Tea tree oil in the bath also to reduce infection from scratching
  8. Regular fresh juices of carrot daily
  9. Lots of fresh apples to eat daily
  10. Reduce refined sugars
  11. Drink lots of water
  12. Vitamin c supplement daily

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Angie Litvinoff is an experienced Homoeopath based at Carmenta Life in Berkhamsted.  She has a special interest in women’s health and wellbeing.  Her son is a 100% homoeopathic boy and she is passionate about natural medicine and organic food. 

To contact her and to make an appointment email her via the website

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