Colic? Research Shows Osteopathy May Help

October 4, 2013

Is your baby suffering with colic?
Are you tired of hearing the phrase “They will grow out of it”?
Does it hurt you deep in the pit of your stomach to see your baby crying and in pain?

We may be able to help.

Research has shown that manual therapy, such as osteopathy, may be able to help relieve the symptoms of colic(1). Our team of osteopaths are registered paediatric and cranial osteopaths who work with newborns and babies to relieve and strain patterns that might be causing or contributing to these painful colicky symptoms.

Parents often tell us that their lives have been totally changed for the better, and that their baby is like a different child, so relaxed.

To discuss whether osteopathy might be able to help or to arrange a consultation with one of our paediatric osteopaths at Carmenta Life, please contact us on

(1) Dawn Dobson, Peter LBJ Lucassen, Joyce J Miller, Arine M Vlieger, Philip Prescott, George Lewith. Manipulative therapies for infantile colic. Cochrane Review, 2012

Felicity Bertin is a registered Osteopath with post-graduate training in Cranial, Obstetric and Paediatric Osteopathy. She lectures in Embrology, Developmental Biology and Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal Medicine on the Masters in Osteopathy course at the British School of Osteopathy. She specialises in working with children with feeding difficulties and supports a team of lactation consultants and tongue-tie practitioners with “bodywork”, offering a biomechanical approach to breastfeeding difficulties. She has co-authored two books on children’s eating and works closely with a psychological therapist to give support to these families. She can be contacted at


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