Emiliana Hall

Contact Telephone number: 07768248018

Email: info@themindfulbirthgroup.com

Services provided: Hypnobirthing, antenatal & postnatal preparation

Mindful Birth group hypnobirthing courses prepare parents for pregnancy, birth and beyond, as well as being the perfect place to start building your support network with other expectant parents. There is no awkward forced-bonding, we promise! The courses are very relaxed and everyone is invited to participate as much or as little as is comfortable for you.

You can expect at least 8 hours of live support with your Mindful Birth teacher, plus ongoing 1:1 support from them via WhatsApp as well as expert-led information at your fingertips via our online educational videos.

We are proud to say that the content and ethos of Mindful Birth courses are inclusive of all paths to parenthood- everyone is welcome.

Birth partners are highly encouraged to join the sessions, but you can also join solo too.

During your course, you will learn:

For the birth

This course is for anyone whose preference is a vaginal, physiological birth. You will also learn what happens in unplanned scenarios such as assisted and caesarean abdominal birth too as that is just as important for having a calm and confident birth experience. We will cover:

  • Your Options: Birth place options, navigating unexpected turns, comfort measures and pain relief options. How to communicate with your care providers to ensure you are receiving the best course of care for you and your baby and ensure sure they understand and implement your preferences.
  • Your Environment: How to create the optimal pregnancy, birth and postnatal environment however or wherever you meet your baby.
  • Using Mindfulness: Techniques and tools to support you to enjoy the experience and feel relaxed and connected throughout the whole journey, however birth happens.

For after the birth

Antenatal Preparation:

All parents who book a Mindful Birth course will gain access to our exclusive ‘baby feeding’ and ‘baby sleep’ newborn course videos which are led by a lactation consultant and baby sleep specialist. Parents tell us that having access to this information via the videos both before AND after the birth is extremely helpful, and the experts are available for private consultations on Zoom too.

Postnatal Preparation:

All parents who book a Mindful Birth course will gain access to our exclusive ‘Postnatal Preparation’ monthly live Zoom sessions. On the last Tuesday of each month at 19:30-21:00, a Mindful Birth teacher will host the Zoom which will include 60 minutes of learning, followed by 20 minutes of Q&A, finishing off with a calming 10 minute guided relaxation.

Your teacher will send you the link to remind you to book your space, but there is no limit on numbers. You can join as many times as you like throughout your pregnancy- we especially encourage you to keep coming back for the Q&A and guided relaxation!

As well as the course content you will receive:

  • – An exclusive Mindful Birth printed course guide
  • – Relaxation MP3s album
  • – A pack of positive affirmations
  • – Exclusive discounts with some of our favourite brands
  • – Access to the exclusive monthly ‘Postnatal Preparation’ live Zoom sessions to prepare you for the practical and emotional side of your recovery
  • – Access to the antenatal baby-prep videos on baby feeding & baby sleep to prepare you for the newborn days

Keeping in touch & ongoing support

  • You’ll have support from your teacher via WhatsApp right up until your baby is born
  • Group WhatsApp for keeping in touch with the other parents

 Benefits of your services: 

  1. Supporting parents through pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period
  2. Providing unbiased education to support informed decision making
  3. Sharing mindfulness tools for a calm and confident experience

Your qualifications

  1. KGH trained hypnobirthing practitioner
  2. Birth Bliss academy birth & postnatal doula

No of year’s experience in your field: 5 years

Any professional associations I am a member of 

The Mindful Birth Group (Membership & affiliation program)

The Doula Association