Lydia Malinovic


Kundalini yoga

Services provided

  • Yoga classes


  • Improved health
  • Helps with depression
  • Better flexibility
  • Strengthens nervous system
  • Tones muscles

Top areas/issues I work with and solve for my clients

  • Assess their needs and then tailor special sets and pranayams, meditations to improve condition or problem
  • Give advice how to maximise benefit from sets, meditations


  • KY Teacher
  • Special training for yoga based on siting in chair

No of years’ experience in your field

  • 30 years

Professional associations

  • KYTA


“ We had the pleasure of having Lidia come to our office to teach us Kundalini yoga. Lidia’s carefully thought out programme and calmness and devotion made whole experience a wonderful one which stayed in the body long after the class was over. My colleagues and I look forward to having her back again.”
– Dina Tucakovic

“Lydia is a very helpful and supportive teacher. Her yoga really does make a world of difference: I suffer from chronic back pain and when I told her this in our lesson, she adjusted her exercises accordingly, making for a tailored experience. I did a set aimed specifically for back pain and genuinely felt it relieved some of the pain. She is very good at explaining the exercises you do and goes at the pace you require. I was a beginner to yoga but she put me at ease and was a very calming influence. I would truly recommend her services as a yoga teacher, as she is exceptionally knowledgeable, helpful and, as I say, can also cater exercises to fit the precise needs of the individual.”
– Ben Squire


Tel: 07400 591 602