Matthew Bennett

Mathew Bennett (B.Sc Hons)

Since graduating in Sports Therapy in 2016 with a 1st class honours degree, Mathew has been a valued and successful member of the Bodyrefine team. His profound knowledge as a therapist and trainer is complemented by his friendly, attentive, modest manner and excellent interpersonal skills.

Prior to joining Bodyrefine, Mathew worked as a Resident Sports Therapist and Trainer at Nike Headquarters in London, providing massage, injury rehabilitation and personal training for clients including football players, athletes and marathon runners. Since joining Bodyrefine, his knowledge has been furthered by the successful study and completion of professional courses to enhance the quality and effectiveness of his corrective exercise therapy services offered to patients/ clients.

Using his highly effective therapy techniques combined with Bodyrefine’s unique approach to exercise conditioning, Mathew possesses an extensive ability to treat patients right from the point of injury to pain free, effective physical functioning, whether for general exercise participation, sporting performance or recreational and general day to day activity


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