Dr Pippa Busch

Full Name: Dr Pippa Busch

Contact Telephone number: 078762 23444

Email: childandeducationalpsychologist@carmenta-life.co.uk

Services provided

Consultation, assessment and intervention for children and families. I provide services such as consultations to explore issues (mental health, learning, behaviour, self-esteem, anxiety, anger) and facilitate ways forward. Full cognitive assessments to support children (aged 0-25) in school and at home, alongside mental health support and intervention. Short term (12 weeks) individual interventions tailored to the specific need and/or group interventions targeting areas such as friendship skills, confidence, fine-motor and writing, comprehension, emotional literacy and many more. 

My Approach:

I am a Child and Educational Psychologist, supporting children and families with any difficulties they are facing.  I do this through consultation, working with the parents to identify successful strategies and support the parents in implementing these in the home.  I work one-to-one with children and young people to support their understanding of the world, themselves and/or their learning, using a combination of psychological approaches to provide support.   I understand that taking the first step towards finding professional help and support can be daunting and I aim to support the whole system that impacts on the child’s life, that family the school and the individual.  I work for a fixed term short period where I consult, assess, plan and deliver interventions as necessary.  

Sometimes we need help and support beyond our friends and family, someone to really listen to us, a skilled professional who can explore with us the difficulties that life brings and potential solutions.  I use solution focused brief therapy approaches, cognitive behavioural approaches, dynamic assessment and many more evidence based practices to support you. I have helped many people with a variety of problems and have seen the change that a good, trusting therapeutic relationship can bring to the whole family.

I can also do formal assessments, such as full cognitive assessments, Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnostics and explore many other areas that can impact a child or young person.  

Benefits of my services:

1. Improve outcomes from school
2. Improve mental health of children and parents
3. Improve relationships
4. Formal assessment and diagnosis
5. Familial support and ongoing understanding
6. Improve systems around the child and education (school liaison)

My qualifications

  1. Professional Doctorate in Child and Educational Psychology
  2. Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC) Registered
  3. BSc(Hons) Psychology


No of year’s experience in my field:

I have worked with children with high levels of need for over 22 years in both schools and the family home.


Any professional associations I am a member of

British Psychology Society (BPS)

Health Care Professionals Council (HCPC)

Association of Educational Psychologists