17-05-08-action-against-alzheimersTo learn more about positive action you can take, please come to a free talk.

On: Tuesday 9th May at 7pm

At: Carmenta Life, Church Lane, Berkhamsted

To book a place please:

email: susie.alderson@outlook.com

or telephone: 07762 138356

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Dates for your Diary

May 5, 2017

Sling Meet1st Thursday monthly 11.00-12.30am (drop-in)
Baby Feeding Cafe – Thursdays 1- 3pm (drop-in)
Baby Massage – Wednesdays 1.30 – 2.45pm
Tai Chi Mondays 1 – 2pm/Thurs 6.30-7.30pm
Gentle Hatha Yoga – Thursdays 8 – 9.30pm
Postnatal Pilates – Tues 10am & 11.30am
Action Against Alzheimer’s – Tues 9th May 7pm

Join experienced scar massage therapist Emma Holly to learn a simple scar massage routine to use following c-section surgery. Massaging your scar can help to encourage mobility in the tissues and stimulate blood flow to boost healing. In this relaxed class Emma will ensure you are using the right pressure not to damage your scar as it heals and you will have the opportunity to practice your new skills. Comment from previous workshop: “Quick and simple techniques I can remember and do myself”

Saturday 17/6/17 at 10:45am and Saturday 24/6/17 10:00am

With just 10 spaces available (£38 per person) email info@restoretherapy.co.uk to book your space.

Scars must be at least 10 weeks post surgery. Scars can be much older and still benefit from massage.

Not sure it’s for you? FREE 20 MINUTE TALK Saturday 17/6/17 10am. Mums, dads and babies welcome.

This Connected Moments course will help you to:

• Play and talk with your child
• Better understand what’s driving your child’s behaviour
• Develop your confidence as a parent
• Give you the tools to deal with the trickier moments
• Bring out the best in your child

We offers bespoke support to help you improve communication between you and your child; helping create calmer, happier relationships within your family. Set up by Kate Miller, an experienced primary teacher and qualified Video Interaction Guidance Practitioner, Connected Moments has had amazing results with many families.

“My relationship with my child has improved so much, I am forever thankful to Kate for the excellent work she did with my son and I.” Parent

“Every now and again you discover a hidden gem. This is exactly how we feel about the unique service Kate Miller offers. I cannot recommend Kate and her Connected Moments programme highly enough.” Headteacher

The course consists of 2 sessions at Carmenta Life on Monday 12th & 19th June 7.30 – 8.30pm and then 4 individual follow up sessions at your own home (at a time that suits you)

To book a place or to find out more please contact connectedmoments@carmenta-life.co.uk

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September 9, 2016

Monthly Sling Meets

June 29, 2016


First Thursday of the month 11:00 – 12:30

Join our monthly sling meets at Carmenta Life; meeting the First Thursday of the month 11:00-12:30 and run by a babywearing peer supporter. Come if you want tips on how to use your sling, if you want to try new ones, or simply to socialise with other babywearers.

Contact Cristina on 07765211807 for further Info

Ever since I studied Biology at school I have been fascinated with the human body and how to stay healthy. This led me to my first degree in Physiology and Biochemistry, and then on to a M.Sc in Nutrition from the University of London. I have continued to research health, nutrition and longevity for decades, lead Green Nutrition workshops, and teach several classes of Nia each week for the last 10 years. My goal has been to guide, inspire and empower women and men to create natural health and age gracefully.

The main message that I love to use, almost as a mantra is:

  • It’s never too late to make changes
  • Small changes do make a difference
  • It’s what you do every day that counts, not what you do from time to time.

My book came out of my long experience with three main elements: Nutrition, Exercise and Happiness, hence ‘Eat Dance Shine, How to come alive, gain energy and push back the years.

Watch Michelle talk about her new book https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raF0KZ-BW0s

Article taken from The Best Season of My Life Blog

I love the newborn period.

There.  I said it.

Not something you hear every day, huh?  Normally you hear stories of intense sleep deprivation, aching nipples, a questionable amount of time since the last shower, and a lot of crying.  And if I was talking about my first child, that might be pretty accurate.  But I’m talking about my second child.  And with a second child comes the confidence of an experienced mother.  A mother who knows what to expect, and more importantly, what not to expect.  And that, I think, makes all the difference – for expectation is the thief of joy.

Extract from The Fourth Trimester: Take Two … Read more


suzy-reading-logoBy Suzy Reading C.Psychol, B.Psych (Hons) M.Psych, REPS, BWY Accredited.

Berkhamsted is such a fabulous place to raise children there’s no wonder that there are loads of classes available to engage and stimulate your baby. The beauty of Mummy and Baby Yoga is that the class addresses the needs of new mums too! Motherhood is one demanding role, we need all the nurturing we can get.

What is Mummy and Baby Yoga all about?

Very simply the class consists of:

  • yoga postures, breath work and relaxation for the parents
  • movement, touch and songs for the babies
  • sequences where both parent and baby work together for mutual enjoyment…

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By Suzy Reading, Neom’s Psychology Expert.

C.Psychol, B.Psych (Hons) M.Psych, REPS, BWY Accredited.

The Neom Organics stress audit results are in and it is pretty staggering. A whopping big 9 out of 10 women in the UK are stressed, with 36% agreeing that they were stressed every day. On an encouraging note over half of respondents state that taking time to look after their health and wellbeing is a priority. Hooray! People are finally giving themselves permission to put self-care on the agenda. However, it seems we have a way to go before this is a daily occurrence, with 49% of women feeling they don’t have enough time to look after themselves.

Why can’t we ignore stress?

  • Stress isn’t going to go away – it is a normal part of everyday life. In fact life would be pretty boring without some stress to keep us on our toes, evolving and growing. It’s no good saying “I’ll be happy when…” The day when there is no stress is the day we are pushing up daisies. We need to get on with reclaiming our vitality now.
  • Stress has a cumulative effect. Putting out heads in the sand and attempting to deal with it later wreaks havoc with our health and takes a toll on our relationships, work life and family life.
  • Too much stress is dangerous. Stress lies at the heart of myriad of physical and mental health conditions. Quite simply the evidence is overwhelming that too much stress (either in intensity or in duration) makes us fat and ill. We just can’t afford to be complacent about our stress levels. It goes beyond our health and wellbeing – too much stress greatly diminishes our ability to enjoy life and can put the kibosh on happiness. We have to take action now.

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