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Hypnobirthing teacher and Founder of Breathe to a Better Birth. Karen is a mother of one son – John-Duncan – who was born to her at home, at the age of 44. With a background in professional communications (Ex CEO/Founder of a leading PR consultancy) and her personal interest in meditation and holistic healthcare, she brings valuable experience and perspective to her ante-natal teaching.

Karen has been teaching Hypnobirthing for over 8 years now, having trained originally in Maria Mongan’s HypnoBirthing method. She has since taught well over 300 couples and is highly regarded by both parents and midwives.

She is well aware of the particular needs of busy professional couples and has developed her hypnobirthing teaching to maximise practical awareness and application of the techniques, together with confidence and trust in the body’s ability to give birth comfortably and in control. She believes that an ounce is practice is worth a thousand theories!

Karen’s personal philosophy is to empower parents to know that they can work together to take charge of their births and give themselves the best possible chance of a calm and life –affirming experience, whatever their outcome or personal journey. Her class is compatible with other ante-natal preparation classes including NCT.

The HypnoBirthing class is a comprehensive teaching exploring all key aspects of birth and labour and is backed by educational/visual coverage of birth during class as well as the Maria Mongan book, course manual and an audio cd for home and hospital use .You will learn how to be in control and deal with fear, birth with your partner, breathe to assist your birth, reduce the chances of medical intervention by releasing endorphins and how to look forward to a calm and joyous experience

HypnoBirthing classes at Carmenta take place over a weekend Saturday and Sunday 11-5pm

Cost – £295 per couple including all materials.

See www.hypnobirthinglondonclasses.co.uk for more information about the course.


“Thank you for these amazing techniques which have helped me to give birth to 2 children at home in a way which I never considered possible. I am happy to recommend you to all women in my care”

Vicky Cochrane, Consultant Midwife, St Mary’s

“Your work is inspirational. I started the course terrified at the prospect of natural birth and you helped me to look forward to it and to trust my ability to work with my body. The end result was deeply moving as I birthed my daughter without any pain relief. She was born in the caul which I would never have known existed until we learnt it from you! The midwives at the hospital were amazed and it has bought me and my husband so much closer. Thank you so much”

Sarah Boardman, mum

Breathe to a Better Birth

A 2.5 hour highly practical class developed by Karen to concentrate on profound breathing and relaxation techniques designed to calm the mind, alleviate stress and assist the birthing body, not fight it. A highly focussed class, Breathe to a Better Birth is affordable and effective and is suitable for both new parents and returning mums. The class is backed by the Breathe to a Better Birth audio cd for home and hospital use and complements other ante-natal classes including pregnancy yoga and NCT

Cost – £75 per couple and £65 per single


“This class taught me more than an entire week birthing course. We left feeling completely empowered to give birth and have since gone on to do it 3 times –each time with the Breathe to a Better Birth cd!”