Tai Chi

Fridays 12.00pm – 1.00pm

Coming Soon – Beginners Tai Chi 1.00pm – 2.00pm.

Contact: Steve Price – 07737 548377 or email: taichi@carmenta-life.co.uk

Tai Chi is an ancient oriental way of cultivating natural energies to exercise the body and mind. It has been practiced by thousands of people every day for hundreds of years.

It is a series of connected, flowing movements designed specifically to relax and energise the body, calm the emotional self and concentrate and focus the mind.

The slow, gentle and flowing movements exercise and stretch almost all of the joints, ligaments and muscles of the body, and along with breathing techniques, improve relaxation, posture ,digestion and increase heart and lung capacity as well as working on the internal energy meridians essential for the proper functioning of the inner and outer body

The principles and techniques learnt whilst practicing can greatly enhance your personal and daily life, relieving tension and anxiety, developing harmony in mind, body and spirit, promoting creativity and vitality.

Practicing enables us gently and simply to harmonise and integrate our daily lives, to become balanced and poised, feeling and exhibiting inner and outer calm.

The classes are friendly fun yet focussed ….Please come along and join us and discover why

TAI CHI gently gradually and effectively reaches the parts other exercises cannot reach.