Mummy & Baby Yoga at Carmenta Life: the Benefits

suzy-reading-logoBy Suzy Reading C.Psychol, B.Psych (Hons) M.Psych, REPS, BWY Accredited.

Berkhamsted is such a fabulous place to raise children there’s no wonder that there are loads of classes available to engage and stimulate your baby. The beauty of Mummy and Baby Yoga is that the class addresses the needs of new mums too! Motherhood is one demanding role, we need all the nurturing we can get.

What is Mummy and Baby Yoga all about?

Very simply the class consists of:

  • yoga postures, breath work and relaxation for the parents
  • movement, touch and songs for the babies
  • sequences where both parent and baby work together for mutual enjoyment…

I am trained in Birthlight Baby yoga which is a carefully constructed system designed to simultaneously meet the needs of both parent and child. It has potentially profound effects on all aspects of wellbeing: physical, mental and emotional. It has the beautiful intention of creating happy, secure babies and re-energised, skillful parents.

New mums, it’s your turn! Here’s what’s in it for you:

The class provides an opportunity to:

  • reduce fatigue
  • relax and unwind
  • stimulate energy and boost your mood
  • get to know other mums in your local area and forge new friendships
  • strengthenyour lower back
  • tone and firm the pelvic floor
  • tone your abdominal muscles to restore strength and elasticity
  • helps to relieve muscular tensioncreated by the physical burden of parenting
  • improve circulation to breasts and maintain good posture and tone in the supporting muscles
  • maintain the increased suppleness in joints while promoting tightening of ligaments
  • lightening the pelvic area and helping the spine to return to normal curvature
  • yoga teaches parents how to reside in the present moment and an acceptance of this moment as you find it – both can be powerful ways to reduce stress, anxiety and depression.
  • breath work  is also an effective method of easing mental tension – learning to control the breath is a pre-requisite for learning how to control the mind.

The Physical, Developmental and Emotional Benefits of Baby Yoga:

  • Baby yoga can be a great way to deal with many of the physical issues that can cause real discomfort until their internal mechanics mature, e.g. wind and constipation.
  • movements and massage help develop strength and suppleness, stimulation and relaxation for the musculoskeletal system
  • exercises and touch enhance the functioning of the respiratory system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, excretory system, immune system, lymphatic system, hormonal system and nervous system
  • sequences are designed to develop both gross and fine motor skills
  • movement and touch stimulate the vestibular system helping to develop kinaesthetic and spatial awareness
  • yoga moves help develop balance and coordination skills
  • songs and rhymes sung to babies help with listening skills and later language development
  • classes provide babies with precious bonding time with their Mums where the emphasis is just on having fun together
  • movements and massage help to ease tension and stress in your babytoo
  • babies have a chance to socialisewith other children
  • classes help them to feel safe and comfortable around lots of different faces


Come try Mummy and Baby Yoga at Carmenta Life, Berkhamsted.

The class is run on Mondays from 1:30-2:30pm on a drop in basis and costs £10. The class has a maximum of 10 participants so booking is essential. To secure your place simply drop me a line at Please bring a yoga mat along for you and a blanket for your baby. No experience of yoga is necessary and beginners are very welcome. The class is suitable for babies until they are very mobile.

Suzy is a Chartered Coaching Psychologist specialising in stress management, healthy lifestyle change and private yoga. She is passionate about helping parents navigate the changes and challenges that come with the joys of parenthood. She is available for private sessions at Carmenta Life – both coaching and private yoga, and you can join her Mummy and Baby Yoga class on Mondays at 1:30pm. For more details, check out