Paediatric Dietitian

Andrea Fines, Paediatric Dietitian, BSC MSC PGDip

Benefits of services:

  1. Fussy eating behaviour in children
  2. Introducing Solid Food/Weaning
  3. Dietary Analysis reports from food diaries
  4. Healthy eating – adults, children, pregnancy
  5. Adult Weight Management
  6. Food allergy & intolerances – Dietary management

The top 3 problems I solve for clients

  1. Ensure children are getting all the micronutrients they need to thrive through dietary analysis of a food diary.
  2. Provide advice and support for parents around “fussy eating” behavior and how to establish a more harmonious mealtime.
  3. Increase knowledge and confidence for parents on how to introduce solids/weaning for the first time, including dairy free weaning for infants with a milk allergy.

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Contact Telephone number: 07894 079 927