1-2-1 Sleep Coaching

Are you getting enough sleep? This plan is for adults who are struggling to find restful sleep.

Sleep affects every facet of life. Good sleep quality plays a role in helping a person’s brain function adequately, learning effectively, maintaining physical health, as well as assuring a happy quality of life and safety. Research shows that poor quality of sleep can contribute to emotional outbursts, depression and suicide. Furthermore, research has shown an increased risk of certain conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity in people who are sleep deprived.

Most of us know that getting a good night’s sleep is important, and many people who have been living with sleep problems for years have given themselves a ‘bad sleeper’ label and don’t believe that things can change. The good news is that they almost certainly can.

By assessing all the factors that may be contributing to your sleep problems, I’ll work with you to build a personalised and manageable sleep plan containing both short and long-term goals. I’ll be supporting and motivating you to help you reach these goals through lifestyle, environmental, emotional and behaviour adjustments, with the aim of achieving and maintaining good quality sleep.

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Sleep Coaching Plans

4 Week Sleep Plan – £249

Not getting enough sleep can not only impact your health and well-being, but it affects your whole family. This 4 week package is designed to identify sleep issues and obstacles and make significant improvements to the quality of your sleep.

  • Free 15-minute preliminary phone call
  • Completion of Sleep Questionnaire
  • 1-1½ hour online Skype or face-to-face consultation
  • Personalised sleep plan
  • 3 follow-up skype sessions or phone calls

4 Week Sleep Plan – With Massage – £499

(available for local residents only)

Add weekly massages into your package to help reduce anxiety while increasing serotonin levels to help you worry a little less and dream a little more.

  • Free 30 minute preliminary phone call
  • Completion of Sleep Survey & Questionnaire
  • 1 – 1½ hour face-to-face consultation
  • Personalised sleep plan
  • 4 – 50 minute massages (one per week)
  • 3 face-to-face follow-up conversations before each massage

Additional Information:

  • At the consultation: any questions related to your completed questionnaire will be discussed. Based on our evaluation and follow-up questions, together we will create a personalised plan for you. After the consultation, a copy of the sleep plan will be sent to you.
  • Follow-up calls: we will review your progress, address any questions you have, and discuss next steps.
  • Additional 30-minute support calls: these will be charged at £50 each for any of the packages.
  • Email can be used to ask simple questions: if the questions require a more detailed reply, we will schedule in a follow-up call to discuss.


‘I admit I was sceptical having tried so many things already, but my sleep really did improve after 4 weeks of working with Michelle. Through a lot of small changes each week, I was able to get an additional 45 minutes – 1 hr sleep. That may not seem like much to a ‘normal’ person, but it’s made a huge difference to my energy levels and my mood!’ 
– Janet, London, UK

‘If you’re anything like me, you’ll try anything to get a good night’s sleep. Working with Michelle for four weeks, helped me identify some of my bad habits and commit to trying some new ones. Her non-judgemental and calm approach helped me make the changes I needed to. If you’re struggling with sleep, I would definitely recommend working with her.’ 
– Helen, Boston, USA

My Qualifications

I am a Certified Sleep Science Coach from the Spencer Institute and accredited with the board of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP).

I am also an accredited Stress Management coach and NLP practitioner with the with the ABNLP. Additionally, I have over 20 years experience coaching teams and individuals in the corporate world to achieve business and personal goals.

Please note: as a sleep coach, I do not diagnose, treat, examine or medically advise you and our sleep plan does not replace the advice of your doctor.

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Contact Telephone number: 07808 097817
Email: sleepcoaching@carmenta-life.co.uk