Crystal Healing

lanna_hussainCrystal healing is an ancient healing method utilising Earth’s natural wonders (crystals) and their energetic systems to rebalance you into a healthy states of wellbeing.

It was commonly used amongst the Egyptians and Greeks and the scientific uses of crystals are still favoured today – you will find them in stereos, remote controls and fridges amongst other things.

Crystal healing works with your naturally existing energy system in and around your body to rebalance any misalignment that may be causing physical, mental, emotional or spiritual disruptions, problems and dis-ease.

By placing a variety of healing crystals on and around your body, your body’s systems will be rebalanced, strengthened and areas of blockages will be identified.

Each crystal healing is tailored to suit your needs, which may change over time. Working together, we can identify areas to focus on to make you feel refreshed and destressed.

I work holistically (taking consideration of the whole body, not just one symptom/problem/area of concern) to bring you peace, harmony and health through this relaxing treatment. I am also trained in Reiki which I utilise during Crystal Healing treatments.

If you are new to crystals you may be interested in my free Crystal Discovery Workshop, please contact me for a booking form.

For those of you already familiar with crystals and wanting to work more closely with them then please contact me on or 07738150170