Homeopathy can be considered to be a form of energy medicine which works with the body to support it and help it come into balance, so alleviating symptoms and improving general health.

As every person is different, homeopathy can be tailored to each individual’s needs, be they mental, emotional or physical.  It can be used by anyone at any time of life, including: before and during pregnancy, during childbirth and after childbirth for both mum and baby(ies).  It can also be used safely alongside prescription medication and can support the body during conventional medical treatment.


The initial consultation is for one hour during which a full and detailed case history is taken. All follow-up appointments are for half an hour, unless you specifically request an hour, for which there will be an additional charge.

Initial Consultation
Adults £75, Children £55, Mother & Baby (to 9 months) £85, Parent & Child £115
Follow-up Consultations
Adults £50 (£75 per hr), Children £37 (£55 per hr), Mother & Baby £60 (£75 per hr), Parent & Child £75 per hr

All prices include remedies.

To book or enquire

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Email: homeopathy@carmenta-life.co.uk