Life Coaching

Having a baby is a huge change in your life and one that comes with a range of emotional and physical challenges. Our life coaches at Carmenta Life help you to deal with the challenges you may face by offering a safe and objective forum in which to discuss any fears, issues, concerns or challenges.  They are specially trained to support both mothers and fathers.

Pregnancy  –  helps you to prepare for your new role as a mother, including any concerns and fears you may have.

Maternity leave – what do you want to achieve on maternity leave?

Return to work – Employers want to see confident returners which can seem daunting when you may not have worked for several months or years. But it doesn’t take long to regain confidence with focused coaching.

Mother ‘me’ time – Mothers need time to themselves. You can reclaim yours by understanding what makes you happy as an individual – something we often forget amidst the nurturing.

Father support – preparing/and adapting to the role of fatherhood.  Individual and group sessions available.

Appointment Times

Appointments by arrangement.


£60 for 55 minutes.

We can offer a 20 minute complimentary consultation prior to booking so that you are able to understand more about how we coach, how coaching could benefit you and your circumstances and how we could work together.

To enquire and book

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