Timetable – OLD

THERAPISTS Therapy room 1 Massage / aromatherapist available 2-6pmTherapy room 3 Physiotherapist available 8am-12pm and 5pm-9pm Therapy room 1 Massage / aromatherapistavailable all dayTherapy room 3 Reflexologist available all day Therapy room 3 First Steps Baby Clinic available 1-3pm Therapy room 1 Massage / aromatherapist available from 11-4pmTherapy room 2 Osteopath available 2-9pm No regular class but often NCT and or NCT Breastfeeding class in morning / afternoon or both
ULTRASOUND Please email scan@carmenta-life.co.uk for times
9.30-10 Relax, Stretch & Breathe9.45 – 11.45 Zest For Life 1st Sun of month family yoga
10-10.30 Baby SigningPostnatal
10.30-11 Toddler Sensory Baby Massage10.30 Babybeeps – Baby Sensory NCT/BFC Class Hatha Yoga
11.15-11.45 Baby Sensory 11.00 – 12.30 Baby Well Cafe
11-12 11.30 Baby Bells – Baby Sensory Postnatal
12.00-1.00 Baby Sensory
1.00-2.00 First Steps Baby Clinic1pm – 2.30pm Baby Massage
1.30-2.30 Breast Feed cafe
2-3pm NCT Early Days Postnatal Classes every other month First Steps Baby Clinic NCT/BFC Class (occasional)
5-6pm Physiotherapy Physiotherapy
6-9pm Physiotherapy Physiotherapy
6.15-7.30 Antenatal Yoga 6.30 Teen Yoga
7.30-9.30 NCT antenatal class Relax, Stretch & Breathe NCT Antenatal class Hatha Yoga class Hypno Birthing class

To check if a class is running during school holidays call Carmenta Life 01442 872591 although we do try to keep continuity of classes and run most of the time.