Portrait of a smiling young couple in swimming pool on a sunny dayBaseline Pelvic Scan and Ovarian Follicular Count Scan

To track a woman’s natural cycle follicular tracking is used and can help a couple have a greater understanding of a person’s ovulatory pattern. A Baseline Pelvic Scan here at Carmenta Life checks the position of the uterus, assesses for any endometrial polyp or uterine polyps or fibroids and scans and measures the size of the ovaries.

This scan can therefore provide an indication of:

  • The ovarian reserve relating to the number of eggs in the ovaries
  • How a female may respond to fertility treatment by assessing the size of the ovaries
  • Any potential complications with embryo implantation

A report is provided with this scan.

This scan is an internal vaginal ultra sound scan, clients may bring a chaperone.

To discuss your scan and receive recommendations, follow up consultations with a gynaecologist are also available.


Baseline Pelvic Scan and Ovarian Follicular Count Scan £150
Consultation with a gynaecologist after your scan £220


To book or speak to one of our medical team about a scan: