Therapeutic Coaching & Personal Consultancy

Therapeutic coaching represents a shift in mental health and wellbeing provision that puts you back in control. It is the integration of reparative counselling with developmental coaching and offers all the benefits of counselling alongside the structure and support to make the changes you would like.

Personal Consultancy is a model of therapeutic coaching which enables the strengths of various counselling and coaching approaches to be integrated in a systemic way to address a wide range of needs. It is grounded in a therapeutic relationship in which you will feel safe and supported to explore the issues of concern to you. Authentic listening, rebalancing, generating and supporting will be used flexibly in a collaborative process focused on your aspirations. Which counselling and coaching approaches are used depends on what you would like from the support and can be discussed at a consultation appointment.

Therapeutic coaches who are BACP members are also qualified counsellors. This means they can safely work at depth to tackle the underlying causes of problems as well as support you in moving forward.


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