Tai chi

Relaxation and immune boosting

Tai chi is one of the best ways to boost your immune system and improve the general quality of your life.

Practicing tai chi has been scientifically proven to improve the immune system. Keep energies and stay healthy over this coming winter with tai chi.

Stress, negative emotions like worry and anger will lower your immune system. Tai chi has enormous health benefits, including a means for dealing with tension and stress. Tai chi will help to make you feel calm, peaceful and relaxed.

Tai chi is a form of moving meditation characterised by soft, slow, flowing movements that emphasise force, cultivating Chi (氣) energy. Tai chi is a gentle exercise which relaxes and strengthens your body and mind.

Yoko is a qualified tai chi instructor with many experiences. She is also a therapist who specialises in reflexology and Reiki Healing. Come along and experience the gentle flowing movements of tai chi, feel your positive energy and treat your whole body to a calming and harmonising workout. Small and very friendly class. Beginners welcome.


Fridays 9:00am-10:00am


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