Andrea Fines BSC MSC PGDip

Services provided and specialist area:  Dietitian

Benefits of your services (List the top 3-5): 

  1. Weight Management
  2. IBS (Including Low Fodmap Diets)
  3. Restrictive Eating Behaviour in children
  4. Food allergy and intolerances (including infants with cows milk protein allergy)
  5. Menopause

The top 3 problems you solve for your clients/how you get them out of ‘pain’ (this is not just physical but may be emotional, psychological depending on your business).

  1. Provide advice and support to individuals who would like to achieve a healthier weight thought strategies that will work for them. Listen to concerns, challenges and barriers; help individuals to find a way to achieve their goal.
  2. Supporting parents to increase the variety of the diet in children with restrictive eating behaviours and ensuring the child is meeting full nutritional requirements.
  3. Provide advice and support for individuals with IBS to identify possible trigger foods and to exclude these foods safely whilst ensuring a healthy balanced diet.
  4. Support individuals Food Allergies (with Non IgE mediated) and intolerances, including babies with cows milk protein allergy – and to help parents navigate a healthy balanced diet for their baby whilst excluding dairy from the diet.
  5. Menopause: Supporting women during this transitional phase to look at the overall quality of the diet and assist with changes that can help achieve a healthier weight, reducing the risks of heart disease and improving bone health.


Your qualifications 

  1. PGDip Dietetics
  2. MSC Human Nutrition
  3. BSC Biology


No of year’s experience in your field: 8 years

 Any professional associations you are a member of (related to your business)

British Dietetic Association (including Mental Health Specialist Group);  HCPC (The Health and Care professions council)


Two testimonials you have (please ensure you have permission to use people’s names and these are genuine before you submit).

 “Thank you so much for the incredibly helpful consultation – I’m confident that my son will improve with your advice and the information you have provided …I feel reassured that we will be able to tackle my son’s feeding problem. “.”

Johanna, March 2019

 “Andrea has helped me with my two little boys lactose intolerance and cows milk protein allergies for last few years.  She’s lovely to talk to and provides good advice in a very caring and kind way.”

Katherine, January 2019


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