Depressed man speaking to a therapist while she is taking notesStress at work, relationship conflicts and breakdowns, depression, addictions, lack of self confidence or self-esteem all really benefit from professional support. Our counselling services at Carmenta Life provide the opportunity to express yourself to a highly qualified professional who is separate from the rest of your life, who won’t be overwhelmed or shocked by what you say and will be non-judgemental.

Our counsellors, through a confidential and supportive relationship, will meet you on a regular basis to talk about the issues and challenges you are facing. Counselling does not involve advice, but concentrates on exploration, understanding and experimentation with new ways of thinking and behaving.

We help you:

  • Help your see your problems from a different perspective and gain greater understanding of yourself
  • Discover your inner strengths and develop new strategies for dealing with challenges in your life
  • Become free from self-destructive ways of feeling, thinking and behaving
  • Overcome emotional difficulties
  • Help you gain insight into and control over your life


Available by arrangement.


From £50 per session.


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Tel: 07798 836 719

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Telephone: 07543 723552

Important to know!
The main professional body that oversees counsellors in the UK is the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), which guarantees that it’s members work within strict ethical guidelines.