Bodyrefine Personal Training, Injury Treatment, Rehabilitation & Massage

David McGill (B.Sc Hons)

As the founder of Bodyrefine; with 18 years of experience effectively working with clients; David has specialised in Corrective Exercise following his Level 4 Master Trainer course with Premier Global in 2007.

Combining knowledge and practical experience from this specialist qualification with the extensive REPS Level 4 Back Pain and Sports Massage Therapy courses he studied; David has blended all of the skills acquired from them to develop Bodyrefine’s unique, effective method of assessing, treating and personal training clients. This was enhanced further following his study and completion in 2020 of the complete ‘Human Movement Specialist’ course certification with the acclaimed Brookbush Institute.

Supporting and assisting many long-term clients (10 years) he derives pleasure from his work identifying, rectifying and preventing causes of musculoskeletal pain. He enjoys educating clients in understanding how to prevent a recurrence of the debilitative physical condition and pain previously experienced, using selective, effective exercise and progressive conditioning.


Mathew Bennett (B.Sc Hons)

Since graduating in Sports Therapy with a 1st class honours degree back in 2016, Mathew has been an asset to the Bodyrefine brand, applying his skills and knowledge successfully in his work.

Adding to the high level of quality and effectiveness of his services offered to clients; his knowledge has broadened considerably during his working time through study and successful accreditation of comprehensive specialist courses. These include ‘The Biomechanics Method’ corrective exercise course in 2018, enhanced further by completion in 2020 of the complete ‘Human Movement Specialist’ course certification with the acclaimed Brookbush Institute.

Whether for general exercise, sporting performance or recreational, general daily activity, Mathew possesses the proven knowledge to treat, rehabilitate and condition patients right from the point of injury through to pain-free exercise and daily physical activity.

Before joining Bodyrefine, Mathew worked as a Resident Sports Therapist and Trainer at Nike Headquarters in London, providing sports massage, injury treatment and rehabilitation for clients including footballers, athletes and marathon runners.

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