Tongue-tie Assessment and Division

Update July 2020

Julie Carden Tongue Tie Practitioner is back!

I am delighted to announce that I am resuming face to face consultations at Carmenta Life (no home visits currently). Thank-you for your patience in these difficult times.
There will be some changes in order to promote safety, provide the highest quality of care possible and adhere to current government guidelines regarding COVID-19.
Availability will be limited and I will be providing face to face consultations on Fridays only initially.

Where a face to face consultation is requested, I am reducing the consultation time to 45 minutes. In order to maximise effectiveness of the shorter consultation time for tongue tie treatment, I will be offering a 15 minute phone consultation a day or two beforehand, to discuss your feeding issues and ask you some specific questions about your baby’s tongue appearance and movements and feeding problems. You will be invited to give as much written background information as possible, by email/WhatsApp first and send a picture of your baby crying – to ascertain the position of your baby’s tongue. Also a video of your baby latching and feeding if possible and if you would like to. I delete all photographs and videos after our consultation. All information is confidential, as per my privacy policy which can be viewed below.

The consultation room including all surfaces will be cleaned thoroughly before and after each client according to government guidelines and Carmenta Life infection control policy. Hand sanitiser will be available and you will be requested to use it on entering the consultation room.
I shall be wearing Personal Protective Equipment as per government guidelines, including plastic apron and mask, also visor and sterile gloves for the procedure of tongue tie division.
Only one parent will be permitted to accompany your baby to the consultation, as the consulting room is not large enough to accommodate more people for socially distancing purposes. This will usually be the mother if breastfeeding and for signing the consent form for the procedure of tongue tie. For legal purposes, the father/ partner may sign the consent form if married to the mother or the baby has been registered with the father/partner’s name on the birth registration form. Anyone other than the one legally responsible carer accompanying the baby will need to wait outside the building for the duration of the consultation.

I will need confirmation on the day of the consultation, that no member of your household has travelled to COVID-19 high risk areas, or been in contact with anyone with symptoms or tested positive to COVID-19, within the past 3 weeks; And that no member of your household have any symptoms of COVID-19, such as a temperature of 37.8 degrees Celsius or above, new persistent cough, flue like symptoms, diarrhoea, loss of taste or smell. Please do not come to your consultation if you or your baby have a temperature or any symptoms as above. Please bring and wear a face mask or a face covering. With your permission I shall take your and your baby’s temperature with a non contact thermometer, on arrival. I shall check my own temperature daily.

Current Prices:-
Your investment for Tongue Tie Division is £150, including our pre consultation phone call. If a longer consultation may be required for complex breastfeeding issues, this needs to be booked beforehand – £190 for 90 minutes.
For breastfeeding support only, your investment for a 45 minute appointment is £60. This may be extended to 90 minutes (£120) by prior arrangement if essential for complex issues.
A follow up face to face appointment is £60
I will continue to provide video consultations -£40 up to an hour.
Payment is preferred by credit/debit card at the time of our face to face consultation.
A charge of £50 will be incurred for any cancellation within 24 hours of an appointment.

I look forward to welcoming you and please do ask if you need to discuss any of the above. Please contact me by email: or

Julie Carden


If you are experiencing continuing feeding difficulties, your baby has unresolved weight problems, very unsettled or reflux issues; these could be symptoms of tongue-tie.

Tongue-tie is also called Ankyloglossia, which comes from the Greek for ‘crooked tongue’. It is a congenital condition where the membrane that attaches the tongue to the floor of the mouth (the frenulum) is shorter or tighter than usual. This may cause restriction of tongue movement and make it difficult for your baby to feed.

At Carmenta Life we provide Tongue-tie assessments and division. The assessment and division is performed by Julie Carden, qualified and experienced Tongue-tie Practitioner, IBCLC Lactation Consultant, Registered General Nurse with additional advanced Certificate in Special and Intensive Care of the Newborn, as part of her Higher Diploma in Midwifery Studies.

Private clinic at Carmenta Life

Private Tongue-tie assessments and division – A consultation currently lasts 45 minutes. Julie discusses any feeding issues and relevant medical history. Assessment for tongue-tie and tongue function, is completed and discussed. A restrictive tongue-tie can be divided within the same appointment, with parental consent, if appropriate. Breast or bottle feeding support is also offered.

Please download the following documents for additional information and help:
  1. Tongue tie information for parents
  2. Tongue exercises
  3. Patient information about consent
  4. Information Governance Policy and Process

Read testimonials about Julie’s Tongue Tie Division service from other clients.


Carmenta Life Clinic

Breastfeeding Support £60
Tongue-tie Division (inclusive of assessment) £150
Follow up £60

Home visits (£1 per mile added over 15 miles) NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE 

Breastfeeding Support/Tongue Tie Assessment £140
Tongue Tie Division (inclusive of assessment) £200
Follow up £80

The prices for tongue tie division includes assessment and feeding support at the same consultation.

All tongue tie divisions are offered free unlimited follow up support Currently within the Zoom Breastfeeding Cafe on Thursdays 2-3pm. And/or support by email, phone call or text.  Julie usually provides a follow up text within 48 hours of your baby’s tongue tie division. Private follow up appointments are available.

Further Information

Please find below some useful research links regarding tongue tie in babies:-


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