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Feedback comments from parents following tongue tie division from November 2022 – June 2023:-

“Thankyou for being so lovely, reassuring and helpful! I found it so comforting in those early days when everything seems so overwhelming”

“Julie is great, she gives a very thorough explanation and is very calm throughout the process which has a knock on effect to you and baby! She always checks in post treatment and is happy to answer further questions. I have recommended her to lots of friends!”

“She was so supportive and a fantastic communicator”

“Didn’t rush us and encouraged any questions, great clear communication”

“No judgement was taken and we received support for both as we were transitioning to reduced breastfeeding and adding formula”

“I was offered great advice for breastfeeding techniques”

“Very informative and made us feel at ease”

“The follow up after the appointment [by text and phone call] was really helpful on top of the great care we received at the actual appointment”. June 2023

“You cut my little girl’s tongue [tie] just after Christmas and almost immediately she started feeding better and as a result started sleeping through the night within a few days of the procedure. She had reflux since only a few weeks old and been on meds (since 4 months) and in the last weeks her reflux has pretty much disappeared and is now off the meds. I know some of this will be down to her age (7 months when I came to you) and being on solids but I honestly believe her tongue tie getting diagnosed and snipped was the big turning point so I’d like to say thankyou. I kept telling my health visitor and GP that her tongue didn’t seem right but I was told it was fine since she was putting on weight and that I just needed to wait for the reflux to pass. I’m glad I trusted my instincts by coming to see you though I wish I’d done it sooner. I’m finally starting to enjoy being a mum” March 2022

“My newborn daughter underwent a tongue tie division procedure at Carmenta Life performed at 3 weeks old.  The service and attention to detail was excellent, communication pre and post procedure was timely and useful.  The facilities were very clean and modern and applicable protocols were in place in regards to Covid 19.  The procedure itself was very quick following a thorough assessment and explanation/ information sharing.  There was minimal discomfort to my baby.  Thankyou Julie for your help, kindness, sensitivity and professionalism.” February 2022

“We used Julie’s services for our eldest daughter when she was 6 weeks old. She had dropped two centiles in weight since birth. She was tongue tied and we went ahead with the separation and after a period of challenging feeding we went on to have a wonderful breastfeeding relationship up to 18 months. When my son was born I knew straight away that he was tongue tied but the paediatrician at the hospital and three separate midwives told me he wasn’t as he was feeding. From my experience with my daughter I knew this wasn’t right and made an appointment with Julie. I was relieved when she confirmed he was tongue tied and even more so when his 10 day check showed he only put on an ounce in the previous 5 days. In the next 5 days he went from strength to strength – the pain feeding was almost gone entirely and he put on 9oz in the next 5 days! Julie was understanding, reassuring and supportive with both of my children and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to others.”  Feedback Questionnaire 2021

“It was a great experience to meet you and have your support checking the twins for tongue tie and separating T’s. The breastfeeding support to feed despite A’s struggles was so valuable and I see your visit as my turning point. I have recommended you several times.” Feedback questionnaire January 2020

“Thursday the day of the procedure was quite tricky with latching and sucking but by night time it all clicked and he now doesn’t stop feeding!!! He’s like a different baby! He’s certainly making up for lost time!!! He latched both sides now within a few mins- feeds are pretty lengthy but we are getting there compared to Thursday morning when I was ready to give up on breast feeding. So thank you so so much for helping us…. we have a new baby when it comes to feeding!”    Kate and Jason – 2018

“A couple of days after the procedure he latched on for the first time and started breastfeeding. For the last two weeks he has been breastfeeding for all feeds except one night time bottle of expressed which Phil gives him. Seems to be going well as plenty of wet and dirty nappies and when he was weighed today he had put on 400g in the last 10 days. We are still learning (and I am still trying to convince him that the left breast could be just as good as the right) but it’s a huge difference! Thank you so much for all your help and support “   Kat -2017

It’s so difficult to sum up my experience in just a few sentences, but here is my best shot! At such an emotional, scary, exciting, and vulnerable time as having your first baby, the last thing you need is to struggle to feed them. The first few weeks of my daughters life were an extremely difficult time for me. And although at four weeks old, I stopped expressing and began to feed her formula, I would love to thank Julie for her help, not only with the tongue tie division, but her continued emotional support over the following week. Thanks to her performing the surgery, and her ongoing emotional support and advice I was able to breastfeed my daughter a handful of times, and could never express in words how thankful I am that I got the chance to share such special moments with my child. Having her tongue tie fixed was one of the best decisions I have made, made greater only by the fact that I chose Julie to do it.
Anna – January 2015

We really appreciate all the support and advice you have given. The free breastfeeding advice at the cafe has always been great. You spotted the tongue tie after discussions regarding my babies reflux at the breastfeeding cafe. It had been checked twice by a health visitor and at the hospital and they said my daughter was fine. I’m so glad you spotted that she had a posterior tongue tie. You have a very calm nature and showed so much empathy and caring before, during and after the procedure. It was so quick and after a feed I think my daughter barely noticed. I had to keep reminding her that she could open her mouth wider and get a better larger latch, but with a couple of weeks she was feeding perfectly. I am really grateful as although it didn’t help the reflux, it certainly has made breastfeeding more comfortable for both of us and will hopefully make weaning and learning to talk easier.
Sarah – January 2015

Julie was reassuring and thorough in her assessment of our baby’s tongue tie. She was very professional and helpful both before and after the division.
I found her advice about feeding non- judgemental, practical and supportive.
I would definitely recommend her
Becky – November 2014

I visited Julie at a breastfeeding clinic in the Carmenta Life centre after searching for tongue tie practitioners in Herts in desperation. My daughters tongue tie had not been picked up in hospital but was noticed on day 5 by my midwife. Breastfeeding had been a horrible experience, I was sore, cracked and bleeding and crying at each feed. Julie was extremely kind and calm and made an assessment of Georgia and breastfeeding technique before moving forward with a separation procedure. Georgia’s tongue tie was quite severe so we opted for the procedure without hesitation. Julie put our minds at ease and the procedure was carried out in a sterile environment very swiftly. Georgia whimpered and bled a little, Julie encouraged me to breastfeed immediately and helped with correct latching which immediate calmed Georgia. Breastfeeding started to improve from that point onwards and the tongue exercises really helped Georgia get used to her new tongue. Julie’s support following the procedure was wonderful and I felt supported and reassured. Without Julie’s support and help in the early days my breastfeeding journey would have been extremely short, I have now been breastfeeding exclusively for 3 months.”
Gemma – November 2014