Tongue Tie Assessment and Division

If you are experiencing feeding difficulties, your baby is unsettled during feeds or you are worried about your baby’s weight gain, then it may be that your baby has Tongue Tie.

Tongue tie is also called Ankyloglossia, which comes from the Greek for ‘crooked tongue’. It is a congenital condition where the membrane that attaches the tongue to the floor of the mouth (the frenulum) is shorter or tighter than usual. This may cause restriction of tongue movement and make it difficult for your baby to feed.

At Carmenta Life we provide the tongue tie assessment and division. The assessment and division is performed by Julie Carden, qualified and experienced Tongue Tie practitioner, IBCLC Lactation Consultant, Registered General Nurse with extra high level training in Special and Intensive Care of the Newborn as part of her Higher Diploma in Midwifery Studies.

Download your Tongue Tie Information Guide by clicking this link here:
TT Parent Information and Tongue Exercises

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Private Clinic at Carmenta Life
FREE Tongue tie assessment during our Breastfeeding Cafe on Thursdays between 1-3pm.
Private Tongue Tie Assessments (followed by Division if appropriate and parents consent to the procedure) include a review of breast or bottle feeding issues. A consultation lasts up to an hour.

Breastfeeding Support/ Tongue Tie Assessment £65
Tongue Tie Division (inclusive of assessment) £120
Follow up £45

Weekends, Evenings and Bank Holidays
Breastfeeding Support/Tongue Tie Assessment £80
Tongue Tie Division (inclusive of assessment) £135
Follow up £60

Home Visits
Breastfeeding Support/Tongue Tie Assessment £120
Tongue Tie Division (inclusive of assessment) £160
Follow up £65

The prices for Tongue Tie Division include Assessment and Feeding support at the same consultation.

All Tongue Tie Divisions are offered a FREE follow up within the Breastfeeding Cafe on Thursdays 1-3pm.  You will receive a follow up phone call within 48 hours of your baby’s division, and have personal access to Julie Carden who gives her mobile number for any concerns or worries.

Home visit prices include distances within 15 miles of Berkhamsted, Herts.

To book and enquire

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