General Adult Health (currently unavailable)

Male doctor explaining lungs x-ray to patient in the medical officeOur adult health screening scans assess and diagnose various conditions including upper abdomen and hernias.

We also provide ultrasound to assess for thyroid nodules and cysts.

For males we provide Trans-Rectal Ultrasound to assess the health of the prostate and testicles.

Please be advised we do not provide scans for cancer diagnosis.


Upper abdomen (including liver, spleen, kidneys {bladder & residual volume}, pancreas, gall bladder and aorta) £140
Hernias (inguinal, umbilical, surgical) £140
Thyroid scans (to assess thyroid nodules or cysts) £140
Prostate/testicles (Trans-Rectal Ultrasound for symptomatic males {not for cancer screening when specialist referral will be needed}) £150


To book or speak to one of our medical team about a scan: