Baby massage

Our baby massage classes are led by an experienced, certified IAIM instructor.  They are suitable for babies from around six weeks to crawling.  Classes are very relaxed and widely enjoyed by both babies and parents.

  • Helps to relax baby and parent
  • Enhances bonding between baby and parent
  • May relieve symptoms of wind, colic, teething and discomfort

Classes are four week courses on Tuesdays from 11.45am – 12.45pm


Four week course (including oil, handouts) £52


To book or make further enquiries:

Call Nicole 07968830093



“Thank you for a lovely course, I looked forward to my Wednesday afternoons and a very relaxed sleepy baby that I had after every session”. Amie & Sebastian

“Thanks again, I’ve loved these classes and so has Gabrielle.” Nikki