sperm_meeting_eggPelvic Gynaecology Scan

This scan provides an assessment of the female pelvic organs, the uterus and both ovaries.
After the scan, a report is produced for your GP or fertility clinic.

Follicular Count Scan for patients undergoing fertility treatment

During fertility treatment this scan assesses the antral follicle count and follicular development. A report is provided for your GP or fertility clinic.

To discuss your scan and receive recommendations, follow up consultations with a gynaecologist are also available. 

Both these scans are vaginal internal scans, clients are welcome to bring a chaperone.

IUI/IVF Treatment available is provided at our London office.


Pelvic Gynaecology scan (GP referral) £140
Baseline and follicular count scan £140
Gynaecology consultation post scan £200

To book or speak to one of our medical team about a scan, please emailscan@carmenta-life.co.uk