Menstrual Cycle Awareness Workshop

Do you suffer from symptoms related to your female hormonal cycle?  Looking for a contraception that is more natural? Wanting to conceive or have fertility challenges?
Are you wanting to feel more empowered and confident in yourself? Interested in learning about a simple method that will enable you to understand, heal and embrace your femininity?

Menstrual Cycle Awareness can support you to appreciate the natural intelligence within the cycles of your body so you can:
•       Build self-care foundations
•       Pace your energy and soothe your nervous system
•       Develop a deeper sense of belonging
•       Heal the wounds that prevent you from realising your full potential
•       Connect you with your own unique sense of purpose in the world and activate your life in order to meet it.

Interested? Come to Lisa’s mini- Menstrual Cycle Awareness Workshop @ Carmenta Life in Berkhamsted on the following dates :


Thursday 18th June , 7.30-9.30 pm

Sunday 21st June 2.30pm – 5.30pm

Thursday 16th July

£15. To book email Lisa on