slide-scan-analysisEarly Pregnancy Scan

An early pregnancy ultrasound confirms the pregnancy and assess the well being of the pregnancy, the location and may indicate an potential issues. It is the investigation chosen when there is bleeding in early pregnancy as it can exclude or confirm miscarriages.  It may also be chosen should there be any pain or discomfort which is causing distress or anxiety to the female.

The early pregnancy scan is also an indicator of: 

  • There is one baby or twins
  • Ectopic pregnancy
  • Reassurance that there are no complications with the pregnancy

12 Week Pregnancy Scan

The twelve weeks ultrasound scan is provided together with a serum blood test to screen for the likelihood of chromosomal abnormalities in the pregnancy and check the well-being of the pregnancy.

Ultrasound is also used in checking for fibroids or ovarian cysts during pregnancy and it is particularly useful to check the position of the placenta or afterbirth.  It is used to find out whether your baby is lying in the normal or in the breech position and can also be used to help in assessing the feasibility for induction of labour.

Dating Scan

If there is some doubt over the number of weeks of pregnancy, this scan determines the number of weeks of your pregnancy and is particular useful if you are breastfeeding your other child or were taking the contraceptive pill.

Reassurance Scan

An ultrasound is invaluable for reassurance of expectant mothers.  It is particularly reassuring if you are experiencing any bleeding during your pregnancy.

A reassurance scan later on in the pregnancy is very useful in checking the anatomy of the baby and establish whether the baby is growing well or not.

This new 21st century technology has also made it possible to have an insight of the baby’s own world inside of the womb.  The 3D imaging and the moving 3D imaging (4D scan) have brought joy to many families.

Gender Scan

This scan is performed from 17 weeks of pregnancy and checks the well-being of the baby as well as finding out your baby’s gender.  You receive an immediate answer and the accuracy is 100% unless the babies position means it is difficult to assess. In the situation where the baby is in a position which does not make it easy to provide an answer we provide a free scan on an alternative day.

Growth Scan

This scan specifically checks the growth of your baby. A report for your GP or midwife is provided along with 2 photos.  We will also inform you of the gender of your baby if requested.

Anomaly scan or Anatomy Scan

This scan is available from 19 weeks onwards. The anomaly scan or anatomy scan assesses all babies structures and development, specifically for any concerns over anomalies.  A report is provided for your GP or midwife.

Downs Syndrome Screening

This involves a Nuchal Scan, an ultrasound scan which can be carried out between 11 weeks + 2 days and 14 weeks + 1 day of pregnancy.
It has an 80% accuracy detection rate.  This scan can also be combined with a blood test which has a 90-95% detection rate as the blood test improves the accuracy of assessment.  Results are provided quickly, usually 24 hours after the tests.
We also provide a consultation after the test and recommendations for expert counselling and support.

Fetal DNA in maternal blood test NIPT (Non Invasive Prenatal Testing)

This test, available from 9 weeks of pregnancy, analyses cell-free fetal DNA circulating in maternal blood to check the babies DNA and the likelihood of Downs Syndrome. It is a new option in the prenatal screening and has a 99.9% accuracy rate. It is not available on the NHS and is very helpful with females aged over 39 where the risk of Downs Syndrome may be higher.  Results are provided in 2 weeks following the test.

Placental Localisation and Babies Presentation or Position

This scan specifically addresses any concerns about the babies position or suspect a breech position or there is a risk or knowledge of Placenta Previa or a low lying placenta to assess babies position and the placenta. Two photos are provided following the scan and the scan also includes a growth scan.

3D/4D Scans

These scans provide great quality photographs (2 supplied) and are perfect for a keepsake of your baby in the womb.


A video and 5 photos of your baby in the womb is provided.

All scans after 14 weeks will include a growth assessment of the pregnancy.


Early pregnancy scan £120
Dating scan £120
Nuchal scan (from 11weeks) £140
Combined (Downs screening) test £200
Fetal DNA in maternal blood test NIPT (from 9 weeks) for Downs screening via USA laboratories (99.99% accuracy) £400
Gender scan £120
Anomaly scan (from 19-22 weeks) £140
Growth and Doppler scan £140
Placental localisation £140
3D Scan as part of growth scan (photo included) £140
3D/4D scan (DVD) £165

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