Fertility Reflexology

Fertility Reflexology enhances your chances of conceiving naturally; it also helps you safely cope with IVF/ART/GIFT. Regular treatment ensures your body is in optimum condition for encouraging conception and implantation, helping to restore regularity to menstrual cycles and greater hormonal balance.

Sub-fertility is rarely only simply a physical issue: stress, emotions, fear, anxiety, trauma and beliefs all play a vital role in facilitating conception. Fertility Reflexology is a calm, relaxing holistic therapy that aims to alleviate tensions and promote relaxation. Specific work on precise points of the feet promotes better hormonal balance, reducing adrenalin and cortisol levels in the blood while creating tranquillizing and love hormones. This is most beneficial in preconception, pregnancy, birth preparation and postnatally.

Appointment Times

All day Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and evenings
Other times by appointment (include Saturday daytimes and evenings)


£55 for follows up (1hr)
£65 for the first treatment with consultation (1hr 15mm)

To book and enquire

Yoko Yaghmaie – View Yoko’s Profile
Tel: 07947 988465
Email: reflexology1@carmenta-life.co.uk