Health and performance coaching

Who is coaching suitable for?

Health coaching targets those individuals who have decided on an aspect of their health that requires changing. The individual need to be engaged and ready for change. This is critical to the success of this form of coaching. It is a proactive approach to changing an area that is affecting the individual’s outlook on life or affecting their everyday life. Performance coaching helps to motivate an individual and improve their activity in the workplace and in life.

What is the goal of coaching?

Health coaching supports individuals and allows them to make informed healthcare decisions. It allows for improved self-management and encourages a better outlook on life. All types of coaching help to identify your goals. You will create and achieve small steps toward your goal. The aim will be to improve your self-management and learn how to stay motivated.

What conditions is coaching suitable for?

  • Management of all long-term conditions such as diabetes & hypertension
  • Health promotion such as: weight loss; exercise, reduction in alcohol intake and stopping smoking.
  • Motivational coaching
  • Work/life balance
  • Anxiety and stress management
  • Goal setting
  • Any condition that you feel needs changing or improving.

By adopting a coaching approach, your need for advice from a health professional or emergency admission to hospital is reduced or removed. You learn how to manage yourself and provide a better level of self-care.


From £125 per hour.

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