Vanessa Vile


Mobile: 07902 739332

Services provided: Spiritual Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Hypnobirthing, Soul Plan reading, Soul Transformation Therapy

Hi, I’m Vanessa of dragonfly therapist. I work holistically: aligning mind, body and soul; and I am guided by a healing and intuitive approach. My educational and work background is in Psychology and Healthcare.

Benefits Of Your Service:

I specialise in supporting women experiencing and of the following:

  1. Discover a deeper sense of purpose, meaning and fulfilment in life.
  2. Overcome fears, anxieties and other blockages that are holding you back.
  3. Be empowered to manage your own unique birthing experience.


  1. Dip. Spiritual Counselling
  2. Dip. Hypnotherapy
  3. Cert. Soul Plan Reading
  4. Cert. Soul Transformation Therapy


I offer the following services:

Spiritual Counselling – Whether you seek resolution for past trauma, need guidance through life transitions, or desire personal development. By embracing the power of open hearts and mindful connections, I will create a safe space where healing and transformation can flourish. Explore your innermost thoughts, emotions and experiences in a secure and non-judgmental environment.

Hypnotherapy – At its core, hypnotherapy is the practice of inducing a trance-like state in order to access one’s inner resources and facilitate positive change. By bypassing the conscious mind and tapping directly into the subconscious where ingrained beliefs and patterns are held, hypnotherapy can help you by uncovering unresolved emotional issues, addressing deep-seated fears or phobias, and promoting personal growth and development. It holds profound potential for transformation and self-discovery.

Hypnobirthing – This is a childbirth preparation technique that will empower you to manage your unique birth experience no matter what sort of birth you are planning. The aim is is to promote a more positive and empowering birthing experience by reducing stress and anxiety. This method emphasizes the body’s natural ability to give birth and encourages a calm and peaceful environment for you and your baby.

Soul Plan Reading – Your soul plan is derived from the sound vibration of your original name. This produces a set of energies which are placed around the Star of Creation in various positions. Each position has a special significance relating to both the physical/worldly existence and the spiritual aspect of life. By exploring these different sets of energies, we can help with overcoming challenges, realise your strengths, and unlocking your full potential.

Soul Transformation Therapy (STT) – Have you been making changes in your life, hoping to achieve and manifest abundance, only to find yourself getting stuck or falling back into old familiar patterns? You may be experiencing blockages on an unconscious or soul level. STT is a way to address and release these blocks, allowing you to become more integrated and for soul transformation to take place.

If you would like to discuss which service would be most suitable for you, please feel free to contact me or visit my website for more information.

Professional Associations – General Hypnotherapy Register