Louise Hutchings

Contact Telephone number: 07986099683

Services provided and specialist area

Pregnancy Yoga

Benefits of your services:

  1. The Pregnancy Yoga class supports all of birth.
  2. Pregnancy yoga is an excellent way to keep fit aiding flexibility and strength.
  3. The class aims to supports women, physically and emotionally throughout pregnancy.
  4. You will learn appropriate asanas and gentle vinyasa sequences especially adapted for pregnancy, to support your changing body.
  5. Meet other mums to be in your local community

Top 3 problems I have solve for clients to help them get out of ‘pain’

  1. Experience comfortable restorative poses in relieving minor ailments due to pregnancy.
  2. I will give you easy but effective Visualisations and breathing techniques to maintain focus and strength during 1st, 2nd, and 3rd stage of labour of birth.
  3. Yoga gives the tools to help you deeply relax and feel calm and confident about birthing your baby.


  1. BWY dip
  2. Sitaram Pregnancy Yoga
  3. KG hypnobirthing dip
  4. First Aid

No of years’ experience:

15 Years as a Yoga teacher and 5 years as an antenatal Yoga teacher

Professional associations

BWY governing body of yoga.

KG hypnobirthing

Aims association for improvements in maternity services


 Louise’s yoga class was excellent- not only was it great for gently pregnancy exercise, she gave tips to help with pregnancy niggles & more than that it was great mental preparation for the birth itself. Louise also teaches hypnobirthing (which she brings into the yoga classes, but we also did a separate course with her too) & I can’t recommend it highly enough. After a traumatic first birth (which included 2 epidurals, a spinal block and forceps) I thought I’d try hypnobirthing. I had a totally natural & importantly a much more enjoyable second birth for which I am very grateful to Louise & her coaching. Getting the mind in the right place for birth is so important. I wish I’d done it first time around too!             Amanda

Louise’s pregnancy yoga class has been a lovely, relaxing class during my pregnancy. It’s a brilliant way to meet other expecting mum’s and teaches you techniques to aid your labour. Louise gives great positive advice about birth and gives you the confidence to feel empowered during it. I would highly recommend this class. I am hoping to continue with yoga till I give birth and will definitely do it again in any subsequent pregnancies.      Amy