Karolina Danko

Services provided: Mat Pilates class

Benefits of your services:

Pilates is for you if you want:

  1. Gain full body strength
  2. Improve mobility and flexibility
  3. Improve your daily activities – if your work is sedentary, if you are an athlete – it will help you to move with more freedom and zest
  4. Enhance body awareness and restore alignment
  5. Reduce stress level and increase energy

Your qualifications

  1. Level 3 Diploma in Instructing Pilates Matwork

About me:

My journey with Pilates started when I had sedentary work and stressful time. Seating in one position for long hours, driving long distance, my body was suffering and also my mind. Pilates is a great training method to enhance the whole-body movement without straining your joints.

I was always passionate about sport, fitness, running but I needed something what could help me to relieve my stress and muscle tension.

I was first qualified in Poland and taught mixed level classes. I have moved to the UK and I am now a fully qualified teacher with a Diploma in Level 3 Mat Pilates trained with Joanne Cobbe, founder of J Pilates. Joanne teaches traditional repertoire with creative approach, and this is what I will offer and give you on my classes.


Classes will be 45-50 mins long, and all you need is you and a mat!

They are suitable for essential level and mixed ability students.

Join me

  • If your work is sedentary
  • If you want to decrease your stress level
  • If you want to enhance full body movement and flexibility
  • If you want to get stronger
  • If you want relieve muscle tension
  • If you want to perform daily activities with zest
  • If you want to create a healthy body, healthy mind, and healthy life
  • If you want to feel EPIC!