Victoria Smith

Reiki Practitioner

Benefits of your services: 

  1. Relaxation, stress relief and release of negative emotions
  2. Physically can calm nervous system and help relieve pain
  3. Mentally can give feeling of calmness and clarity.
  4. Reiki during pregnancy is a gentle and relaxing treatment and may help with periods of worry and stress
  5. Reiki for babies and children can be relaxing and calming

The top 3 problems I solve for clients:

  1. Pain relief
  2. Help ease stress and insomnia (including anxiety and depression)
  3. Restores a sense of calm and peace and is a great relaxation tool


  1. Usui Reiki level I
  2. Seichem Reiki levels I and II

No. of years’ experience:

3 years

Professional Associations I am a member of:

The Reiki Association –


Telephone number: 07976 958546

Contact email:



“I found going through IVF really stressful and wanted to relax and help my body through the process. Vicki was really fantastic at making me feel at ease and supporting me to feel well and stay calm. I even found out I was pregnant during a session because I could feel the baby’s energy during a treatment! Vicki is a really great practitioner and I would highly recommend seeing her if you are feeling stressed, run down or are trying for a baby/pregnant/a new mum.”

– Louise

“I would thoroughly recommend a reiki session with Vicki. She is extremely professional and dedicated to ensuring her clients have a focused therapeutic reiki session. After my session with Vicki I was relaxed and energised. I look forward to booking more sessions with Vicki.”

– Jayne