Chloe Ansell


Child Psychotherapist, Clinical Supervisor & Integrative Psychotherapist

Chloe is a UKCP accredited Child Psychotherapist, offering the space for children, parents/adults, and families to explore deep internal distress and struggle within a safe and compassionate relationship.

Psychotherapy looks at the ‘building blocks’ that make up a person. We all have patterns of responding to events and ways of relating to other people which have been built from our experiences throughout our lives. When these patterns start to cause us distress and difficulty, we can explore these in psychotherapy and find new ways of managing life and relationships. Some common areas that psychotherapy may help with are:

• Bonding between parents and children – this can start with a mother or father and new baby helping initial attachments to form, or can be for parents and children of all ages focusing on areas of relationship that aren’t working so well
• Issues of self esteem, identity and management of the emotional life – for children and adults of all ages, and in response to particular life challenges such as developmental difficulties (e.g. learning difficulties, ADHD) or difficult life events (e.g. Loss, bereavement, change, divorce)
• Impact of trauma and extreme experiences – for adults with painful pasts, or children who are coping with extraordinary scenarios of abuse, neglect, Domestic Violence, fostering and adoption

Chloe uses verbal methods of talking and exploring thoughts and ideas, combined with non-verbal and creative methods such as art, sand, play, sound and movement, to ensure feelings are fully expressed. This integrative approach allows conscious (known) and unconscious (unknown) processes to be worked on in tandem.

All work begins with an initial consultation lasting between 1.5-2 hours; please note that for children this session would be with the parents so that a full history can be taken. Thereafter it is usual to commit to a period of weekly therapy for at least 6-12 weeks and then review and look forward. Regular sessions last 55 minutes for adolescents and adults, and 45 minutes for children.

Chloe also offers clinical supervision for Child Psychotherapists, Child Counsellors and Child Practitioners. She works integratively and creatively, providing a safe and fruitful environment for reflection, self growth and development of practice.


Mobile: 07971 098 723